April 2022 CIC Webinar: Featured Q&A

Our monthly CIC webinars inspire some really fantastic audience Q&A sessions! In each monthly newsletter, we highlight one of the insightful questions raised from the webinar attendees. 

A Featured Question from our April 2022 Webinar
This question was for Murat Kantarcioglu of the University of Texas at Dallas. Murat presented his research on data sharing during the pandemic, Collaborative: A Privacy Risk Assessment Framework for person-level Data Sharing During Pandemics.

You can watch Murat Kantarcioglu's full presentation on our YouTube channel

You discussed a privacy risk framework that would facilitate policy development for telehealth, an area which grew exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the speed of telehealth's expansion since 2020, do you believe the scientific community has created a telehealth framework which is substantial enough to have long lasting effects? 

Answer from Murat Kantarcioglu:
Yes, I think so. During this period, organizations needed to work remotely, so fast adoption of secure and remote tools were necessary. In addition, cyberattacks to healthcare organizations increased awareness that the overall infrastructure needed to be improved. We really need to continue working on it, but I think there is still an improvement happening and I expect it to continue. I'm sure the next pandemic will test different aspects of telehealth as well. 

Thank you to all of our April 2022 speakers and our CIC Community audience members for keeping the conversation going! 

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