January 2022 CIC Webinar: Featured Q&A

Our monthly CIC webinars inspire some really fantastic audience Q&A sessions! In each monthly newsletter, we highlight one of the insightful questions raised from the webinar attendees. 

A Featured Question from our January 2022 Webinar
This question was for Sarah Bowman (Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute), who presented on her NSF grant, Enhanced SARS-CoV-2 High-Throughput Crystallization for Structural Studies

You can watch Sarah Bowman's presentation on our YouTube channel

You mentioned in your presentation the importance of international collaboration to your research. Could you say a bit more about that? How can others best collaborate with their international colleagues?

Answer from Sarah Bowman:
As I mentioned, I've been doing a lot of outreach, and part of that outreach has been with things like the CIC programs. And in fact, I was contacted by a student in South Korea who had seen the CIC webinar on YouTube and wanted to then do an interview on how data access is actually being impacted by COVID. So it's part of her dissertation project - she's actually being advised by someone in the U.K.,  so it's a very interesting kind of experience. And the structural biology field, in general, is a very international community, and I think that's because of some of the presentations that we've been doing with CIC and other organizations.

Thank you to all of our January 2022 speakers and our CIC Community audience members for keeping the conversation going! 



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